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DovenStar Intuitive Reiki Center is the premiere Intuitive Usui Reiki Center in Woburn, MA. With years of experience, training, and personal history in the art of Intuitive Usui Reiki, I have mastered the finer points of this technique.

Intuitive Usui Reiki has evolved over several decades, adapting to the various cultures and societies where it proliferated. I was lucky to learn the technique in one such culture, Germany, where I was taught the skill by Arjava Petter, author of The Legacy of Dr. Usui and internationally acclaimed as the best Reiki teacher in the world.

My studies are complemented by my unique possession of intuitive gifts (clairvoyance, mediumship and medical intuition to name a few), thereby allowing me to maximize the healing you receive from your session. I am also descended from a line of full-time Reiki teachers, which reflects and enhances my passion to provide the deepest of healing and the best quality class instruction and guidance available anywhere.

I teach all levels of Reiki Classes at DovenStar Intuitive Reiki Center, including teaching students how to develop and utilize their own intuitive methods of healing. This makes my classes completely unique, exciting and inspiring.

• Level I—In the first level, the emphasis is on physical healing.
• Level II—In the second level, the focus shifts to mental, emotional, and remote/distant Reiki.
• Level III—Level III is the advanced practitioner level, with a deep focus on intuitive development, archangel healing connections, and psychic surgery.
• Level IV—Level IV is when the student ascends to Master Teacher status and learns to teach all levels of Reiki!

I also offer follow-up support to my students, which includes Reiki Share for practitioners once per month to further develop their skills. I have received glowing reviews on my Intuitive Usui Reiki classes, with many students commenting that within just one day’s training their own intuitive abilities have opened or expanded to enhance their delivery of Intuitive Usui Reiki energy.

The Intuitive Usui Reiki Center features a weekly Usui Reiki clinic for the public. There is a low sliding fee ($20 - $40). I encourage residents of Woburn, MA and beyond to take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from an accumulation of Usui Reiki healing for their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

I have 23 years of Intuitive Usui Reiki experience and I am eager to help you heal with Reiki and my highly unique gifts of intuitive healing.

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