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Holistic Massage Therapy at the DovenStar Intuitive Reiki Center is performed by a dedicated 23-year career massage professional. Her objective is geared towards achieving complete balance between your mind, body, and spirit. Whereas many massage techniques focus only on pressure points and short-term muscle relief, she has molded a brand of massage to attend to all the needs of her individual clients. Once her clients turn themselves over to her care, she ensures they leave rejuvenated and energized in every fiber of their being.

A Holistic Massage Therapist views each subject as a unique organism requiring a therapy tailored to that subject’s individual state of Being. This, of course, means that Holistic Massage Therapy is one of the most layered and thorough forms of massage therapy practiced today. The nurturing and supportive technique utilizes careful touch and response that enables the mind to ease itself, while the body recharges and the spirit soars, thus bringing about internal harmony.

At DovenStar Intuitive Reiki Center, we provide various types of holistic therapeutic massage, including Swedish, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage massage. A holistic approach means she is not constrained by any form of therapy and the flexibility of holistic massage allows her to offer her clients several avenues of relief, each individually suited to their needs.

Our masseuse has taken great efforts to ensure that her hands and her senses are capable of being faithful to the tenets of holistic massage. Her clients place immense trust in her skill and she is committed to giving them the best holistic massage experience available anywhere.

If you live in Woburn, MA and wish to turn your life around, book an appointment today! Let our devoted masseuse provide the holistic massage experience you want and need.

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