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About Us | DovenStar Intuitive Reiki Center - Woburn, MA

At DovenStar Intuitive Reiki Center, I truly believe your body is a temple. Reiki and holistic massage are techniques that strengthen the walls of that temple and purify what lies within those walls.

Reiki is the transference of universal energy—an energy that surrounds us all—by a certified practitioner who acts as a conduit administering this energy to those in need of it. Replenishment of this energy within a person has been known to heal at all levels: physical ailments (aches, sores), mental problems (depression, Alzheimer’s), and emotional issues (stress, anxiety). Combined with Holistic Massage Therapy, it is a non-invasive treatment that gently restores a person to their equilibrium.

There are two major branches of Reiki and I am proud to be adept at both: Intuitive Usui Reiki and Jikiden Reiki.

Intuitive Usui Reiki has undergone various changes based on local cultures and practice as it spread across the world. Jikiden Reiki is Japanese Reiki in its original and purest form, passed down directly from generation to generation. I have spent 18 years mastering Intuitive Usui Reiki and 6 years perfecting Jikiden Reiki and am proud to be the first Jikiden Reiki teacher in New England.

If you live in Woburn, MA and are afflicted by a malady of any kind, or simply wish to learn more about these techniques, my doors are always open. Contact me today. “Reiki is love!”

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